Sap hana isnull example

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Sap hana isnull example

Jul 05, 2016 · The NOT is an interesting keyword. It negates every filter just by being placed in front of it. For example, instead of IS NULL in the previous example, we write IS NOT NULL in the filter and execute it. The result shows 46 entries thereby excluding the 4 null values that our previous SELECT showed. I hope this was easy to understand and follow. NB: IN SAP HANA IT IS NOT POSSIBLE TO MAKE SQL IF/ELSE SENTENCES. INSTEAD USE THE SELECT CASE … FROM DUMMY SYNTAX . SQL condition keywords. Universal functions can use the result of a B1 validations SQL condition there activated them, by using the following syntax. • $[B1VALRESULT.COLNAME.STRING] • $[B1VALRESULT.COLNAME.NUMBER]

SAP HANA Interactive Education, or SHINE, is a demo application that makes it easy to learn how to build on SAP HANA extended application services advanced model. This example uses the new application programming model (APM).Conceptually SQLScript is related to stored procedures as defined in the SQL standard, but SQLScript is designed to provide superior optimization possibilities. SQLScript should be used in cases where other modeling constructs of SAP HANA, for example analytic views or attribute views are not sufficient.

Today, we present how to exploit Annotations for translations in CDS. For novice, Annotation is just an extension to the CDS SQL. In the beginning of the CDS definitions, whatever you see which begins with '@' is an annotation. ABAP Annotation plays a very important role as they define technical and semantic attributes of a […]